Systems for the entire sawmill

Dynalyse strength grading and moisture measurement systems are used by sawmills around the world to boost competitiveness in existing markets and open up additional export opportunities. They can be used in a wide range of applications from green sorting to further processing in planing mills and the manufacture of CL timber and glulam. The system is approved according to timber quality standards in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand and in countries where these standards are accepted. They also improve optimised yields.

Dynalyse products are used in many parts of sawmill production.

Green sorting

Precigrader is used for certified strength grading of green timber into C and T grades. The timber can then be labelled and sold as “wet graded”. Before drying, the timber can be adjusted to the desired moisture content, depending on the classification.


Densigrader is used to grade the timber before drying and sorting it into different drying batches based on their average moisture content. This results in the better use of energy and raw material, with higher yields from the dried and processed product, and straighter, more check-free timber and a more uniform final moisture content. This has a direct impact on the margin, as downgrading after drying entails extensive quality deficiency costs.



Dynagrade and Precigrader are installed in trimmers with the aim of obtaining high yields in the desired strength classes. Timber moisture content is measured using MC Pro 2400, which delivers the results to control systems and Dynagrade or Precigrader. Any wet timber can be sorted and removed for possible re-drying. Precigrader provides the absolute best yield in high strength classes.

Planing mill

When planing construction timber, strength grading using Dynagrade or Precigrader can be carried out before or after planing.

If grading is done before planing, unsuitable timber cannot be planed. In many planing mills, timber is also split in the planer. In this case, strength classification must take place after the split material is planed. Dynagrade or Precigrader are then located at the downstream transverse timber conveyor before sorting and packaging.

Bjernareds Sågverks Hyvleri

Planed timber is expected to have a certain delivery moisture content. At many sawmills, timber goes directly to the planing mill from the kiln via intermediate storage. The moisture content of all timber is often controlled in-line using MC Pro 2400 or MC Pro 2500. These accurate systems allow timber producers to guarantee a certain average moisture content with little variation in the timber packages. Feedback can also be provided to dryer operators in the event of deviations from the desired moisture content, to avoid costly returns or over drying. This is an effective way to protect production margins.



Glulam and CL wood production
Glulam is classified by sorting the constituent lamellae into special strength classes. In Europe, these can be C categories or more specific T categories for glulam lamellae. Dynagrade provides the absolute best yields on Nordic raw materials in the usual T15/T22 lamella classes. Precigrader also provides the best yields for lamellae sorted for Japanese glulam.

Sorting the constituent materials and putting the stiffer, stronger material at the top and bottom of CLT boards makes better use of resources when producing CLT. Dynalyse has contributed to research into this field for many years and possesses outstanding expertise in this subject.

Dynagrade and Precigrader are both excellent systems for sorting input material before gluing.
Controlling the moisture level is of the utmost importance when gluing. Glulam and finger jointing standards demand a specific minimum moisture variation between glued pieces. The MC Pro 2400/2500 moisture meters make sure moisture is accurately checked, allowing the removal of pieces that are too wet or too dry.

Construction components


Production of billets for construction components and furniture
For example, in window elements, it is important to guarantee both moisture content and density. MC Pro 2400/2500 checks moisture content while Densigrader source material by density. Combine the two to obtain dry density.



OMNIR is a NIR sensor that measures surface moisture in a multitude of materials and applications. It is essential to control moisture content in the production of pellets or for the direct combustion of shavings or sawdust. OMNIR does this effectively, efficiently and reliably.