Strength classes for constructional timber and lumber

The chart shows some of the common strength classes in Europe (EN14080/EN14081).

Classes in strength grading
Strength classes

Mechanical strength grading with Dynagrade and Precigrader is a cost-effective method for sorting your wood into accepted quality classes, such as C16, C18, C24, C30, T15, T22, MSR 1650, L125, MGP10 etc. Mechanical strength grading of lumber or timber can be done according to several product standards. Dynalyse products can sort for stiffness and strength in most classes in the world: EN classes in Europe, MSR classes in North America, MGP classes in Australia and JAS classes in Japan. We are specialists in the field for over 25 years and know most of the standards globally and what market opportunities these can provide for you.


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