Dynalyse DataReport för digital läggning av sorteringsresultet


Data Report is a tool for process control and documentation of an on-going or finished batch run, for example with Dynagrade or Precigrader. The on-going process is presented in real-time in a web-reader (computer, pad or phone). Historic data can be viewed, stored as PDF or printed.

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    Dynalyse Data Report is used for process control and documentation. Current or a previous process is summarized in a PDF file which can be printed or stored, which then is signed automatically by the authorized person who created the file. Historic data can be filtered and sorted. In the same way, a system check result from Dynagrade or Precigrader is handled. One partial result is the reject ratio and its sub-categories. If visual override data is imported from the PLC or scanner, this information is added and a total grading result is shown. Data Report shows also moisture statistics separately for an attached MC Pro moisture meter.


    • A common local network for the grading system and the PC, pad or phone.
    • Data Report app installed on a web-server in the local network
    • SQL database in the same local network
    • Web-server has a static IP-address.
    • The network DNS may name the app server in order for the user to easily remember the address; for example like ‘http://dynareport’.

    Many Dynagrade and Precigrader users have implemented this tool for a complete digital internal reporting and for external auditing.


    Denmark, Norway & Sweden

    Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland

    Great Britain & Ireland


    Switzerland, Germany & Austria

    France & Belgium