Moisture measurement for timber

Industrial moisture meters
Dynalyse offers the Finna Sensor range of non-contact moisture meters, MC PRO. They are robust and provide highly accurate non-contact moisture measurement results.

The moisture meters we offer cover the entire production chain from newly sawn timber to dried timber, wooden components and materials for bioenergy. All of them are optimised for automated measurement in production lines.

For green sorting on the saw line, we offer a range of solutions for grading the moisture content of timber and ascertaining the average moisture content for a batch, package or similar. Measuring moisture content in a timber kiln is best carried out using Kiln Scout to make sure the right moisture content is achieved in the timber. When measuring moisture content in trimmers, planing mills, glulam lines or paint shops, MC Pro 2400 or 2500 are the natural choice for measuring timber moisture content, deviation alarms and documenting runs for follow-up by the internal quality system and timber end customers. The OMNIR moisture meter can be used for measuring the surface moisture of timber for painting, and wood-based materials for bioenergy. The Finna Sensors products we offer in Europe are in operation in hundreds of industries around the world.

Assured moisture control guarantees the quality of wood products to end customers and can also feed valuable information back to kiln control systems. Together, these features mean a smarter, more resource-efficient way to produce wood products.

Products / Moisture measurement for timber

Densigrader can be used in the sawmill to sort fresh sawn timber into moisture classes and to serve kiln operators with moisture data for kiln optimisation. MC Pro with Weighter is used in several sawmills to sort the timber into wood moisture classes prior to drying – fresh or stored. In the kilns, the efficient Kiln Scout measures the actual wood moisture content and reports to the PLC when the target moisture is reached. In sorting mills, planer mills, glulam factories and painting lines, the moisture measurement systems MC Pro 2400 and 2500 are wise choices for accurately measure the moisture content of passing wood pieces. They are integrated with the PLC or a grader to deliver wood moisture and to raise alarms for deviations and finally to document each processed batch. The OMNIR can be applied to painting lines where the surface wood moisture is relevant to check prior to painting, and also to monitor moisture content in wood based material for bioenergy products. The moisture measurement systems from Finna Sensors are offered and supported by Dynalyse in Europe, and are installed in hundreds of plants all over the world.