Industrial Wood Moisture Measurement – wood components and bioenergy materials

We offer moisture measurement systems for the whole chain from freshly sawn timber to dried lumber, wood components and wood based material for bioenergy. All moisture measurement systems we offer are optimized for automatic moisture measurement in production lines and kilns.

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Densigrader can be used in the sawmill to sort fresh sawn timber into moisture classes and to serve kiln operators with moisture data for kiln optimisation. MC Pro with Weighter is used in several sawmills to sort the timber into wood moisture classes prior to drying – fresh or stored. In the kilns, the efficient Kiln Scout measures the actual wood moisture content and reports to the PLC when the target moisture is reached. In sorting mills, planer mills, glulam factories and painting lines, the moisture measurement systems MC Pro 2400 and 2500 are wise choices for accurately measure the moisture content of passing wood pieces. They are integrated with the PLC or a grader to deliver wood moisture and to raise alarms for deviations and finally to document each processed batch. The OMNIR can be applied to painting lines where the surface wood moisture is relevant to check prior to painting, and also to monitor moisture content in wood based material for bioenergy products. The moisture measurement systems from Finna Sensors are offered and supported by Dynalyse in Europe, and are installed in hundreds of plants all over the world.

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Densigrader sorts wet timber into moisture classes in sawmill sorting lines


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MC Pro 2400 fuktmätare för tvärtransport i sågverk och hyvleriet

MC Pro 2400

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MC Pro 2500

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Kiln Scout mäter kontinuerligt virkets fuktkvot under torkning


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Dynalyse Scanframe for panels, paper and webs


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