Machine strength grading

Our two in-line strength sorting systems are used by sawmills worldwide. We are also the market leader in strength measurement in Sweden and the Nordics.

Our products are used to boost competitiveness in a sawmill’s existing markets and open up new export opportunities. They can be used in a wide range of applications from green sorting to further processing in planing mills and the manufacture of CL timber and glulam.

The system is approved according to timber quality standards in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand and in countries where these standards are accepted. They also improve optimised yields.

The advantages of our acoustic system:

  • A better strength assessment in mixed regions and types of woods than assessments provided by camera-based systems.
  • The systems use electric hammers and not expensive compressed air.
  • Up to 4 microphones make measurements for wide dimensions more accurate than those based on single measurement points.

Precigrader can be used for density measurement and strength sorting on “green timber”, i.e. for drying, which helps optimise production.

Which system do you need?
Our two machine strength grading systems deliver high yields. They are installed in more than 200 different locations worldwide. Here is a simple overview of Dynagrade and Precigrader delivery. We offer the MT250 off-line system.

The use of our solutions creates conditions for end products that make the strongest contribution to the transition to sustainability, as quality classification provides a greater ability to use every part of the raw material in the most appropriate way. This allows better optimisation of construction components, higher quality and greater competitiveness for wood products.

Comparison table
Dynagrade Precigrader
Thickness 19-110 mm 19-110 mm
Width 60-300 mm 60-300 mm
Length 1200-7200 mm 1200-7200 mm
Sawn X X
Planed X X
Green X
Dried X X
Space requirements <2 meter <2 meter
Measured values
Quality class X X
Sorting parameters X X
Length X X
Dimension X
Density X
E-module X
Products / Machine strength grading

Dynagrade and Precigrader are also offered as twin solutions for planer lines. A Dynagrade or Precigrader twin solution means that grading can be done either before or after a planer with one system. In this way, wood that is not to be split can be sorted before the planer, while wood that is split in the planer is graded after the planer.

Both Dynagrade and Precigrader are approved according to several timber strength grade standards like EN 14081 for strength grading of timber in Europe, and offer both many grading combinations for various species in grades like C24, C30 etc, as well as for MSR 1650, 2100 etc in North America. Both can be used for grading of glulam laminations in accordance with EN 14080. Several Dynagrade and Precigrader users strength grade also glulam in accordance with JAS for Japan and MGP lumber for Australia (MGP10, MGP12 and MGP15). The bending tester MT250 is used in the client’s lab to verify the strength grade when needed (mandatory in some standards). Data Report aggregates grading results from the grading of timber, grading of lumber, scanner and moisture meters to a complete digital report.