We offer effective tools for industrial green sorting with regard to density through our Densigrader and Weighter products. The process of drying timber industrially with the aid of timber kilns is a balancing act between drying the timber as cost effectively as possible while not damaging it by causing checking and deformations. Before drying can begin, it is essential to determine the current moisture content in the timber for an optimal drying process. Densigrader measures the density of timber, and Weighter weighs it, giving the timber a moisture class before drying in a timber kiln. Densigrader and Weighter are also ideal for measuring the density of other wood products such as kiln-dried timber, where density upon delivery is important, e.g. for certain joinery products.

Densigrader creates better opportunities for optimising the drying process, resulting in less over-drying, which otherwise leads to the occasional scrapping of timber. Optimisation also makes for smarter energy use. Together, they help achieve a more sustainable use of resources.

Products / Density/weighing

They can also be applied to dried wood where it is important to ensure the density of lumber or the density of timber such as for some carpentry components. Densigrader delivers the actual bulk wood density, while Weighter delivers pure lumber or timber weight for each passing piece. Both systems can handle more than 200 pieces per minute. Data Report aggregates the results to a complete digital report.