Dynalyse Scanframe for panels, paper and webs

Measuring coat weight and moisture
Coat Weight Scanner

Dynalyse Coat Weight Scanner measures in-line the applied coating (paint, lacquer, glue) or material moisture over a production web up to 6 meters wide. 

Coat Weight Scanner is accurate, fast, reliable and robust. Common applications include paper converting lines, flooring material, textiles and other webs. The continuous measurement outputs the applied coat weight of water based paint, lacquer or glue, and also material moisture.

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    Industrial coat weight scanner

    Dynalyse Coat Weight Scanner is a system for measuring applied coat weight of water based paint, lacquer or glue. The system measures across the web width (flooring material, converting, textiles) right after the coat application. The sensor moves transversely at speeds up to 1 m/s (3 ft/s) as a standard, while each scan is done 25 times per second. This gives a rapid feedback to the PLC if the coat weight is too much off from the target or there is a systematic too large variation over the web width.

    PLC based scan frame with the possibility to exchange data over Profinet with other PLC. PC-based user-friendly interface with the sensor.
    Continuous results shown in charts. Historic data presented in reports (PDF).
    SQL-database for data storage. Alarms for different deviation levels, also output from digital relays. Customised motion patterns.

    • Sensor from Finna Sensors
    • Distance from sensor till material surface; 230 mm ± 25 mm
    • Scan spot size: 1 cm2 per time unit
    • Maximal measurement depth (for moisture): 1 mm
    • RS232, Profinet, TCP/IP and digital relays for alarms
    • CE, RoHS

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