Swedish Dynalyse has signed an agreement of cooperation with Canadian SmartMill as part of an aggressive marketing initiative. Dynalyse, offering quality measurement systems primarily to the sawmill industry, sees great opportunities with the collaboration:

“Smartmill is a good strategic partner for us. We are laying a new piece of the puzzle to our own offering and gaining another sales force in Canada and the US that would have taken a long time to build up on our own. We look forward to seeing the market’s response to our overall offering,” says Mats Wedell, CEO of Dynalyse.

Dynalyse’s main products are Dynagrade and Precigrader, two systems for stress grading timber.

“As the demand for wood increases, it becomes more important to use the right sort of timber in the right place. What do we wall in? what is visible? what is best suited for the manufacture of cross-laminated timber? and so on. With a good grasp of these factors, sawmills will also have the potential for good margins, even in a situation of more pressing market prices and increasing raw material costs. This applies no matter where in the world you are”, explains Mats Wedell.

As part of the agreement, Dynalyse will promote SmartMill’s offering in Europe. A central part is the FLX-400 test equipment used for spot checks of the strength and stiffness of wood. It has an automated test sequence and an interface that is easy to use for the operators. This system is particularly suitable for those who are going to export structural timber outside Europe.

The partnership also includes Finna Sensors, a North American company that manufactures mainly moisture meters. Dynalyse has been responsible for marketing and selling Finna Sensors’ products in Europe for several years.

“We cooperate well as our products complement each other. They are both natural elements at sawmills around the world that put quality first”, says Mats Wedell.

Smartmill, which designs, manufactures and installs automation equipment in the North America sawmill industry, sees great potential in the collaboration.

“We are proud of the cooperation agreement with Dynalyse and Finna Sensors. It allows them to promote our products and vice versa. We look forward to representing them in the east of North America”, said Jean Bérubé, president of SmartMilll.