Data Report is a tool for process control and documentation of an on-going or finished batch run, for example with Dynagrade or Precigrader. The on-going process is presented in real-time in a web-reader (computer, pad or phone). Historic data can be viewed, stored as PDF or printed.

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Dynalyse Data Report is used for process control and documentation. Current or a previous process is summarized in a PDF file which can be printed or stored, which then is signed automatically by the authorized person who created the file. In the same way, a system check result from Dynagrade or Precigrader is handled. One partial result is the reject ratio and its sub-categories. If visual override data is imported from the PLC or scanner, this information is added and a total grading result is shown. Data Report shows also moisture statistics separately for an attached MC Pro moisture meter.


  • A common local network for the grading system and the PC, pad or phone.
  • Data Report app installed on a web-server in the local network
  • SQL database in the same local network
  • Web-server has a static IP-address.
  • The network DNS may name the app server in order for the user to easily remember the address; for example like ‘http://dynareport’.