Strength grading – Lumber/Timber

Dynalyse AB offers efficient products for strength grading since 1995. Dynagrade revolutionized the industry with its very cost-effective solution. Today, the Dynagrade and the Precigrader are further developed to improve its integration in our clients’ line and increase the degree of automation. Precigrader adds density to the Dynagrade technology and is useful for more demanding grades but also to grade green timber. Dynagrade and Precigrader are easily installed in sorting lines and planer lines thanks to their very compact layouts. Both Dynagrade and Precigrader are approved according to EN14081 for strength grading of timber in Europe, and offer both many grading combinations for various species in grades like C24, C30 etc. The test-rig MT250 is used in the client’s lab to verify the grading when needed – mandatory in some standards. Data Report aggregates grading results from the graders, scanner and moisture meters to a complete digital report.



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