Moisture Measurement – Powders and Granulates

Dynalyse AB offers the moisture meters Smart NIR and Smart RF for different types of powder and granulate products.
The Smart NIR can be used in open conveyors or closed ducts to measure the moisture in grains, minerals, sawdust etc. The Smart RF probe is useful for moisture measurements in large continuous material flows and/or in silo-like containers. The Smart RF plate sensors are applied in many industries to moisture measurements in various materials and products. The moisture systems Smart NIR and RF have been installed in several hundred of production lines in all over the world. Applications are many, such as moisture monitoring in coffee, gypsum, bioenergy materialos, minerals, sand, pet foods, residual waste for further processing, paper, labels, medical commodities, food powders etc. The moisture meters from Finna Group are offered and supported by Dynalyse in Europe.


Smart NIR

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Smart RF

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