RF Smart Sensor is a versatile moisture meter suitable for a wide range of materials and applications, for example paper, plane panel materials, granulate/powders and various (pet) foods. The technology is based on RF (radio frequency power loss), which implies a measurement of the dielectric change.

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The RF Smart systems have a range of sensors suitable for different applications, both as plate sensors and as a probe (150 – 1200 mm long). The probe type is used to measure continuously in powders/granulates for example in a silo-like container. Also, there are open-frame plate sensors for high temperatures (up to 250 C), which are used typically in gypsum board production. Measurement range: 0,5%-30% depending on the material type.

The Finna Group Smart RF is installed in many plants around the world. Altogether, there are more than 200 RF systems installed to measure moisture in-line in various industries.

RF Smart outputs moisture data as a 4-20 mA signal or via TCP/IP (optional).
PC-based and user-friendly user software.
Technology: 2 MHz RF, low power.
The measured depth depends on the material but is typically 10-75 mm. The probe measures a cylindrical volume about 75 mm around the probe end.

  • Measurement range; 0,5% – 30%, (material dependent)
  • Accuracy; material dependent. Ex: ±0,1% unit for gypsum panels
  • Sampling frequency; 30 Hz
  • Calibration function with up to 7 linear intervals
  • Sensor sizes, high temp: 75×450 mm and 75×1200 mm
  • Sensor size, normal temp: 75×900 mm and 150×200 mm
  • Probe length: custom length 150-1200 mm
  • CE, RoHS


Denmark, Norway & Sweden

Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland & Russia

Canada & USA

Switzerland, Germany & Austria