Gypsum Control

Gypsum Control is a modular system for control and documentation of the moisture content in a gypsum panel production – from raw-material to finished board. The system combines the moisture meters Smart RF and Smart NIR 910 and Smart RF in the different production steps.

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Gypsum Control collects data from the included sensors in the process. The Smart NIR is used for the moisture measurement of the incoming raw-material prior to drying to optimize that process and the energy consumption. After drying it also important to verify the resulting moisture with the NIR sensor before further processing. The Smart RF is used in the kiln to monitor the moisture during curing, and after the kiln to verify the quality. Current or previous processes are aggregated into a PDF-document which can be stored or printed.

  • For the included sensors, see the product information pages: Smart NIR and Smart RF
  • Common local network for the included sensors and main unit
  • The database is installed on a dedicated server,