MC PRO 910

MC Pro 910 (Smart III NIR) is an accurate and very robust non-contacting moisture meter suitable for a wide range of materials and applications. It has a NIR-sensor which measures the surface moisture (max 1-3 mm depth depending on material roughness) of the material. Is is used for many applications, such as: moisture content in sawdust and chips, powders and granulates like minerals, pharma materials, coffee, pet food, grains, gypsum raw-material, nuts, sand and also for other surfaces or panels (paper, carpets, boards). The innovative technical solution of the NIR-sensor makes it very robust, accurate and repeatable over time.

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Surface moisture meter in production lines for various materials and applications

The moisture meter 910 measures the surface moisture for various materials and fractions. Applications: panels, sawdust, chips, pellets, paper, grains, coffee, milk powder, nuts, textile and many more.

The Finna Group MC Pro 910 (Smart III NIR) is installed in many plants around the world. Altogether, there are hundreds of systems installed from Finna Group to measure moisture in-line in various industries.


  • Measurement range 0-60% (standard)
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Less sensitive to disturbing light and temperature
  • Easy calibration
  • Measurement range; Min 0 – 0,1%, Max 0 – 60 % (standard)
  • Accuracy; dependent on range ±0,02% to ±0,2% units
  • Repeatability; within ±0,1% unit
  • Sampling rate; up to 50 Hz
  • Calibration function with up to 7 linear intervals
  • Distance to object; 230 mm ± 25 mm
  • Measured spot size: 1 cm2
  • Maximum depth: 1 mm
  • CE, RoHS

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Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland & Russia

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