Kiln Scout is a very efficient tool to use in kilns for monitoring the true wood moisture content for drying optimization in tunnels and chambers. It is an accurate wireless moisture meter during drying – each sensor measures the actual wood moisture content between two steel plates which cover roughly 1 cbm of wood. The accuracy is within 1%-unit. Kiln Scout will tell you when the target moisture content has been reached, which saves time and manual handling. Experience shows an increased throughput of 5%-10%! Contact us to make an ROI estimate based on your drying process in terms of time, energy and quality!

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Measures the wood moisture content in kilns – wireless data transfer

KilnScout is an innovative wireless moisture meter for kilns, chambers as well as tunnels. Each sensor transmits the measured moisture content during the complete drying cycle. In a tunnel kiln the true moisture content controls the movement of the packages as function of the status in the last position in the first and/or last phase. The result implies a more even moisture content and typically shorter drying times.


  • Wireless in-kiln wood moisture content sensors
  • Accurate wood moisture and kiln temperature monitoring
  • Transmission up to 30 meter per receiver
  • 1 to 100 sensors per system
  • Easily integrated with the kiln PLC
  • Push-mail function to send message to kiln operator and forklift drivers
  • No hot-checking in chambers needed
  • No wood overdrying – increased quality
  • Increased kiln throughput – saves energy and time

Each moisture content sensor covers ∼1 m³ of wood
Efficient in both chamber and tunnel dry kilns
Accuracy typically within 1%-unit (standard deviation)
Easily integrated with common kiln PLCs
Push-mail when a drying batch is finished
PC-based and user-friendly software
Runs shown in charts for current status – can be printed in reports
SQL database for data storage
Operating temperature: -40°C till +125°C
Data transmitted every 5 minute
Replaceable lithium batteries with at least 6 months life
Sensor size: 180 mm (L) x 80 mm (W) x 42 mm (D)
Steel plate size: package width x ∼300 mm
Steel plates distance: ∼1 meter


Denmark, Norway & Sweden

Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland & Russia

Great Britain & Ireland

Canada & USA

Switzerland, Germany & Austria