Paint Control is a smart in-line and modular system to measure, control and document the paint amount or coat weight of panels and moldings in industrial painting lines. Paint Control is a modular system in which also moisture measurement, room climate and temperatures can be included.

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Paint Control includes various sensors depending on the painting line layout and specific needs for process control and documentation (can be defined internally or following an industrial standard). The purpose of the system use is to optimize the coating quality and the paint consumption. Paint Control handles all information and outputs control data to the PLC or simple warning indicators to operators.

Paint Control outputs coat weight data and alarms via TCP/IP. Alarms output also on digital relays for direct control.
PC-based user-friendly software.

Current operation data shown in real-time charts
SQL-database for storing data and for later reporting

  • Measurement range for paint amount (coat weight); depending on the application, but normally up to 200 g/m2
  • Accuracy typically within 5-10 g/m2 (standard deviation)
  • Warns for uneven distribution (option)
  • Up to 4 stations in one system
  • An internal local network is included when the system has more than one sensor
  • Additional sensor options: surface moisture meter, moisture meter through the thickness, relative humidity (rH), surface temperature, room and kiln temperatures
  • CE, RoHS


Denmark, Norway & Sweden

Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland & Russia

Canada & USA

Switzerland, Germany & Austria

Chile, Brazil & Argentina