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Dynalyse AB
Brodalsvägen 7
433 38 Partille, Sweden

Who are we?

Dynalyse in brief

Welcome to Dynalyse AB an innovative company specialised in product quality measurements in process lines. Typical measured parameters are strength, stiffness, density, moisture content, surface moisture and applied paint amount.

One type of quality measurement is the strength grading of timber/lumber, such as to the European grades C24, C30 and C40 and also to North American MSR grades like 1650 and 2100.


Proven technology for more than 10 years

Easy to use


Precision timber strength grading

Machine strength grading with Precigrader enables precise estimates of E-modulus and density to sort your wood products into defined timber or lumber grades.

MC Pro moisture meter

MC Pro moisture meters for transverse and linear timber feedings.
MC Pro fulfills the EN-standard accuracy requirements for glulam and fingerjoints.